Vaping Advisory


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) are currently investigating approximately 450 reported cases of illness and death resulting from the use of e-cigarettes, including those associated with a nicotine delivery system commonly known as “vaping.” Nationwide, some of those incidents involve THC-products. 

None of the reported incidents have occurred in connection with products procured from a New Jersey alternative treatment center (“ATC”).

Preliminary investigation suggests that the adverse reactions have involved the use of products infused with Vitamin E acetate, a substance which is not an approved additive for medical cannabis.  Vitamin E acetate causes a wax-like buildup in the lungs and can result in serous or fatal respiratory distress.

None of Garden State Dispensary’s medical cannabis products – including those associated with vaping – use, or have used, Vitamin E acetate.   

Until the CDC/FDA can conclusively determine the cause of the reported illnesses/fatalities, the government recommends that consumers refrain from using e-cigarettes.

The New Jersey Department of Health urges e-cigarette users of all ages to refrain from buying cannabis products from street vendors or adding substances to the regulated cannabis product sold at Garden State Dispensary.